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Hi Darlene,

You might remember me contacting you a few months ago. SSA decided that I was no longer disabled for seemingly nonsense reasons, such as operations and treatments which never happened. I hired a lawyer to appeal, and after my outraged doctors supplied letters of support for me, we were left to wait.

Well, today, my lawyer sent me a meaningful update. She told me that she'd been following up weekly with the Adjudicator, and a decision *has* been made. Unfortuately, they can't tell us what it is. It has gone before the quality review board for review and final approval of the decision.

My lawyer says one of two things will happen. Either they will continue to rule against me and a hearing will be set with a DHO, or they will overturn the decision to take my benefits and I'll just get a letter saying so.

It's nerve wracking to know that they have the decision, but I can't yet know what it is, particularly when it concerns the security of my future! I went to my pain management doctor at the University of Miami last week, and she couldn't believe this was still going on after how strongly she and my psychiatrist had objected to the suggestion that I was suddenly cured and no longer disabled.

I have two questions for you, please:

1. Is this quality review board thing standard and not something extra to worry about?

2. Does the QR process usually take very long to get through?

I'm so nervous and worried. In the condition I am now, I really don't want to have to go to a hearing. I just want the months of worry to end and things to get back to normal.



Quality reviews take about 30 days.  Typically they review allowances or favorable reversals.  This would explain why they did not want to give the decision, because the quality reviewer can reverse the decision of the adjudicator or send the case back for more documentation.  Keep your fingers crossed this good be a good thing.


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