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My son has conserved funds due him.  He is now 18, he was made payee of these funds.  It has taken almost a year and we finally received a check ( since it is a large amount SS said it had to be paid out in monthly installments) We were hoping the next monthly check would automatically come in, it did not.  Went back to SS office, always a lot of confusion and we are told it comes from the payment center and they would see what they can do,  We finally received a letter a check would be mailed soon. Twenty three days later a check was deposited into my sons account on the third Wednesday of the month.  Another letter came same info so we were expecting a check on the third Wednesday again, not so.  He called the number on the letter talked to a lady who was going to check into it and call him back, no return call, he call again and said no one seems to know anything.  SS will not talk to me because he is 18, an 18 year old doesn't know what questions to ask and since he is living out of town he can't hand the phone off to me.  How can we get this resolved.  He need the money to help with expenses & I can't support two house while he get on his feet.  Please advise how we can get this on a regular payment schedule and is there some way I can be handling this for him, power of attorney or something.
I look forward to your response.
Thank you   

Yes, you can have your son sign form SSA-1696 (link below) appointing you as his representative.  I suggest that you take the form into the local office and request that they record on his record that he has a representative allowing any representative to discuss his case with you.

It is unfortunate that you reported conserved funds to Social Security.  We always advise that you spend the Social Security benefit on the child's fair share of household expenses and save your own money for the child so that you do not need to account for the savings to the Social Security.  

They request that the conserved funds be returned by a payee (you) when the child has a new payee or reaches 18 and becomes their own payee.  When the conserved funds are returned, it is not a priority workload to send the money to the child.  

When you take the form SSA-1696 to the Social Security office, I would also recommend that you take verification of expenses that need to be paid (they must show that your son is the responsible party), and demand that they release all of the conserved benefits to your son ASAP.  

If he is no longer receiving a monthly benefit, they should release the conserved funds.   The system cannot automatically issue a monthly benefit after benefits have terminated.  This is what is causing the problem.  They would need to set up an ongoing critical payment so that a benefit payment is sent each month outside of the normal system.

Policy about the return of conserved funds and the release of the funds to the child:  When dealing with Social Security it is important that they see you know what you are talking about.

Hope this helps, let me know how it turns out.


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