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Hi Darlene, thank you for your help with my question.
  I am 67 and I began receiving SS when I was 62. A friend has been living in the USA maybe 13 years and it seems that he is getting more SS than I do even though I have been working here many more years. If there is an error in my SS is there anything that I can do about it. Can I request an audit? If an error were found , would I receive the difference in the future?
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You  are out of your 60 day appeal period. If a mistake was made, they must correct it, but the problem is getting an employee to look at it. Many  local employees do not understand how a benefit is calculated, because a computer has been doing the work for a long time. Most employees that understood have retired.

You can go to your local office and request that they show you how your amount was calculated.

If you visit my website, we have information about how benefits are calculated. We can also look at your benefit calculation if you provide your lifetime earnings statement from your "My Account" on Social Securiy's website and your date of birth.


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