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Grand Canyon NP/1 week raft trip down G.C.


moenkopiriverworks wrote at 2009-10-27 22:15:30
There is 3-5 day rivertrip potential in the Grand Canyon.  One can easily put in with a no cost permit from the Grand Canyon National Park at mile 226 or Diamond Creek Road.  You will spend 50 miles in one of the deepest parts of the canyon and then float into Lake Meade Recreation Area.

Brady Black wrote at 2013-07-12 23:09:23
Although not a thorough 300 mile trip through the Canyon, one can get a FREE over-the-counter permit from the GCNPS for 54 miles of a maximum 4 days through the lower Grand Canyon. Commonly called the Diamond Down!  This journey starts at the terminus of Diamond Creek road at Diamond Creek Rapid River mile 226 and continues down to Pearce Ferry mile 289.  You will have rapids from 226m to approximately 236m Gneiss rapid. You will have to pay the Hualapai fee of $64.20/person/vehicle.  So a 5 person trip will be 64.20 X 7, and so on.  Besides the road access, the Canyon is deep and remote.  Although Grand Canyon rapids are quite safe for experienced PFD wearing groups, 232 mile rapid "The Fangs" is one of the more difficult rapids in the Canyon and should be scouted. You can view this rapid at

NPS permit and info is here:

Grand Canyon NP

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