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MichelleC1120 wrote at 2015-09-05 09:21:18
I'm not good in hiking but I know it is fun and so adventurous you can see how beautiful the world has. In your question if i where you i expect that every hike that I've been doing all i can see is a large boulders that blocking in my way. So i guess you should be careful and don't forget to have fun and take some pictures of your adventure and share me some good views here is my URL if you like to share

Grand Canyon NP

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Larry R. Coleman


I have been to the Hava Supai Reservation 33 times. Camping in the campground 5 days each trip. I have stayed at the village motel 2 times. Made one trip out by chopper. I have kept a journal of my trips. I know several local people and Rangers. I have documented changes in the village over 25 years. Supai is in the Grand Canyon on the South Rim on the West end. Also hiked down most of the trails on the South Rim. Have hiked over 900 Miles in Arizona. If I can be of help let me know.

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