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I am so clueless to find a solution to this problem.  My daughter's oldest son is 20 years old.  He dropped out of school, then got his GED.  And he seems to have no goals, no ambition at all.  He stays up all night playing video games, then sleeps until noon.  My daughter's husband is his stepdad, and he is understandably sick of this.

The ideal solution would be for the kid to get a job and contribute to the family.  Problems with that idea - they live at least 2 miles from any place that might be hiring.  He has no car, he has bad knees so he can't walk very far, and he he has severe asthma.  The family has only one vehicle and dad needs that to go to work, so nobody can give the kid a ride.

Now she is asking me for advice, because her husband wants to kick him out.  I have no idea what to tell her.  Can you help me?

Hi Susan,
It sounds like this young man has been enabled too long.  It's time for him to grow up and live in the big world on his own so he can appreciate what he has.  We all moved out, on our own, with nothing to speak of, and survived!  It will be hard, but it's supposed to be.  He can get any job he wants, and he can walk or get a bicycle or call a friend.  He needs to be responsible for himself.  Support the parents by encouraging their sending him out on his own.  When he calls to complain, just tell him he can do it and you support him as he continues to try.  It will be difficult, but it will be worth it in the long run.  good luck!  


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