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Grandparenting/going to try and get custody of grandson.


how hard can it be to get a 4yr old to adapt to a new life and people that he has never met. his mom is a drug addict and has left him with a friend since Jan. Im just finding out. my son...his father committed suicide almost 2yrs ago. Want to do what is best for him.

Hi Evelyn:
You sure do have a mess on your hands. I will send an extra prayer up for you to help to make it easier for all of you.
Cildren don't look at things the way that adults do. They look for security and love, rather simple by an adults standards. So, No, the child will adapt at that age and would probably even excel by having a loving, reliable and safe environment after what he has been through already.
Go to the DA first and find out what your rights are. You may be able to have the State help you go through this. Eventually you may need your own attorney and a 'Guardian et litem' would be assigned by the Court to work in the childs 'best interest'. But, since you are a 'blood' relative, that always carries a lot of weight with the court.
Good luck and Bless you all,
Jan Hayner


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