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Grandparenting/Temporary Custody of Grandsons


Jill wrote at 2014-03-19 01:40:03
I find this disturbing. If you look Diana has a record of violence in her own home & has been officially charged with pulling a gun on her husband & having extra martial affairs. She has no business with children.  


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I can answer questions that have to do with all aspects of grandparenting. Relationships, Step-grandchildren, things to do, ways to help them, things you have control over and things to don't etc.


I am the mom of 4 and grandma of 8 (plus half of the neighborhood). I have been raising kids almost all of my life and had many experiences to refer to.

I belonged to PTA, Den Mother for Cub Scouts, Bluebird Troop Leader, E4E (Education for Employment) Committee Member, Volunteer at the local hospital in the Pediatric Department, and was involved with many other kids projects.

Life itself!

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