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Hello Mr. Elmansy,

I am hoping this falls into your idea of 'giving advice'. My question is simple.

How important are good drawing skills to the success of a graphic designer? In what ways would an aspiring graphic designer be 'crippled' by not being able to draw well?

Thank you,
Mehreen H.

Hi Mehreen,

Sorry for the late reply. Drawing is important in two manners. The first one is to build inside you the basic concepts of art such as balance, color combination, harmony...etc.
These basic skills make your work different than the people who just learn graphic design without any experience in art concepts.

Ont he other hand, designer with drawing skills can have extended capabilities to do more ideas, such as drawing parts of your design and get it into the computer to use it, get inspired with drawing ideas...etc.

However, drawing and art background is very useful in the digital design as it is actually an extension from each other.

Hope this helps

Thank you

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