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Good day
With reference to the following color combinations can you tell me if they are approximate to use in a color scheme for collateral material and also what image does each combination convey:
1. Blue, Orange, Gold
2. Blue, Grey, Gold
3. Blue and Yellow
4. Blue and Orange
Dont need a long explanation, just need to know if they are harmonious and what image they convey in a few words.

S. Mahabir
Pembroke Pines, Florida

I can't give you a real answer to your question, at least not directly - as color meaning is contextual. Usually, this is part of what graphic designers can you for your brand as we have studied color theory extensively.
You can look to colors that occur naturally - orange and blue, yellow and blue, are common in nature so if you want a quick short cut, find a photo of flowers or landscape that has the color combination you are looking for and match your colors to the photo.
If you want to start to learn color theory, try this video: is for make up, but covers the basics of color theory.

Online, you can use these color wheels: color calculator

You can play with these tools to help find a color combination you find pleasing. Colors are subjective and contextual, so there isn't a specific formula for success here, but you can guide your choices with these tools, and by referencing mother nature.

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