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QUESTION: Good day
Can you tell me what types of line(s) in graphic design best communicate each of the following or a combination of all:
1. Professional Image
2. Luxury
3. Knowledgeable
4. Friendly

Sunil Mahabir

ANSWER: Hello,

I do not fully understand what you mean by "lines"

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I meant like curve lines, diagonal lines, straight, zig zag etc.

Friendly would be more bubbly.. Luxury/ professional would be minimal.. Maybe thin lines. A club/party would be more zig zag to show energy. I recommend going to google and looking up luxury ads/logos, or knowledgeable, friendly, etc. I always do research before designing. It's kind of like colors.. Blue is relaxing, red is more energetic. Lines have the same impact as colors. If it makes you feel a certain way, it probably makes others feel the same way. There is no absolute way to use lines or colors.. Just the average. But that's the beauty of art, their really is no wrong. Just do what feels right. If you're designing for clients, You'll be safe if you google things and see what everyone else is doing. Good luck and feel free to hit me up whenever  

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