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QUESTION: Good day
Can you tell me what types of line(s) in graphic design best communicate each of the following or a combination of all:
1. Professional Image
2. Luxury
3. Knowledgeable
4. Friendly

Sunil Mahabir

ANSWER: Hi my dear friend

It's the sense of line and movement what exactly you are looking for, there is not a solid rule about them, everything depends on the final set which you composite together. but in case 4 curved lines used mostly by designers, for the rest please tell more, then I will help you better.

with best regards

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I have the following scenarios:
1. Trying to convey a professional image for a professional realtor. I want to use lines on the design template background and wanted to find out which would be best- whether straight, curved or the numerous types of lines.
2. For the scenario above I am also interested in creating a luxurious image- that is assuming the realtor is selling higher valued luxury homes. What types of lines would best reflect this image.
3. Also to show that the realtor is knowledgeable - what types of lines would reflect this image.

Can the different lines be combined to convey the three or four communication messages or do I have to use just one type of line.

Hello again

will explain it in 2 cases:
Case 1: the realtor sells modern luxury homes:
in this case depending on modern style interior design methods you can use straight horizontal and vertical lines single or together. make a rythm(duplicated shapes can help)with them to earn a good result.

Case 2: They sell luxury homes with old fashioned design:
don't forgot to use that traditional forms of pillars and cornice forms (they are really useful), be careful about colors (brown, wooden and white for breathing areas)the horizontal and curved lines can be a good idea.

and in the case of intelligency remember to use sharp edge lines both curved and diagonal.
at the end its very important that the final artwork seems like what? it says your hidden idea. always have an idea behind your designs. feel free to ask me again

with best regards

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