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Good day
With reference to typography I have the following questions:
1. Can Arial and Garamond fonts be mixed in a logo and what image do they create?
2. What script fonts are compatible for mixing with Arial and Helvetica in a logo. For example Mistral, Bickham Script.

S. Mahabir

Hello again. I can't advise you on type in any meaningful way as, again, selection is subjective and contextual. A professional designer would probably not use Arial in a logo, though the combination of Arial and Garamond is not terrible, it's not going to set your company apart. You need to ask yourself why you want to use script? Why a sans-serif or a serif?
I have a feeling you'll ignore my advice to hire a professional, so I'll just tell you this: try to go for contrast as a non-designer. Do: combine a serif with a sans-serif (serif is the type with feet like Garamond; sans-serif is the type without like Helvetica). Don't: combine two different sans-serifs (like Arial and Helvetica) as they are too similar, and it will look like  a mistake...likewise, for combining two serifs (Garamond and Times New Roman, for example) it's a don't. Or just select one typeface family and use different type treatments like all caps, bold, or find a family that has a narrow or condensed option to give a cohesive look to your choices with enough contrast to distinguish elements or add visual interest. I recommend you avoid script faces as they can go terribly wrong in the hands of a non-professional.

For some additional expert advise, read this article on type: Smashing Magazine Best Practices of Combining Type.

Good luck!
Note: "type" refers to the typeface itself in print or digital form; "font" is the software program that makes it work on your computer.  

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