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I have a question regarding education in graphic design and a career. I currently work in Non- profit but I hold a BA in Mass Communications where my focus was Public relations. I took a graphic design course back then and not only did I love it but, I was pretty good for a beginner (according to my peers and teachers). Fast forward 4 years later and Iím ready to take the plunge and learn more and switch careers into the design and marketing world. Iím taking a small workshop now to refresh my Photoshop skills but now I want more.  I was wondering if a Certificate program matched with a good portfolio would be enough for me to land a decent job/clients OR should I try to get at least an Associateís. I already have a BA and I feel like with a good semester of training and lots of practice and networking I should be able to build a small brand of my own without paying for another BA. I live in NYC, so there are numerous opportunities as well as affordable certificate programs at local colleges. How important is education in the Graphic Design workforce versus actual skill and portfolio?"

Hello Krystie,
I am a firm believer in education. As much as you can get. Being a graphic designer entails not just knowledge of the programs but a background in art and art history as well. Unfortunately, many artists do not have this background and to me, their work reflects this. Of course, I may be elitist when it comes to this since I hold a BA in illustration and graphic design with a minor in philosophy.

That being said, I also know some fantastic designers who have little or no schooling and couldn't converse their way out of a paper bag. Go figure.

The reality is you don't really need a degree in design. At all. And most clients don't have a clue as to what good design is unless they are working in a major corporation with huge budgets.

If your portfolio is good and you can talk a good story, you get work. In the 30 years I have been at this, I have never had anyone ask about my degree. Ever. I think it is to your advantage that you have the degree in Mass Communications and PR simply because you can discuss a client's needs and have a better overview and understanding of marketing in general. And like any other job or service, your personality and contacts are what gets you in the door.

Learn as much as you can about the programs and quality design. There are a lot of mediocre designers out there. Try not to be one of them.

Good luck,
Saul Fineman
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