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QUESTION: I've noticed in a friends writing that when they tend to capitilize every l not just at the start of a word but aLways what does this mean?

ANSWER:  Dear Mason,
Thank you for your inquiry. I've never heard of anyone capitalizing every I. When the letter I is used as a personal pronoun (referring to oneself), it is supposed to be a capital letter. At the beginning of a sentence or proper name the same applies. I can think of some possible reasons for your friend's habit of doing this, but I'd only be guessing. As far as giving it a meaning, it may not mean anything at all. You may get more enlightenment by asking your friend.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: the letter L not the letter I

 Dear Mason,
 Please forgive the misunderstanding. Unfortunately, it doesn't change anything as far as interpretation. Any letter at the beginning of a sentence or a proper noun would be capitalized. Otherwise, a person's reason for writing it that way is anyone's guess. It may have emotional meaning to the writer, for instance, if it stands for the name of someone who is important to him... The reason would be personal and there's no way to form a definite opinion. Sorry.

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I can answer questions regarding personality traits, talents and abilities, character, state of mind, mental and to some degree, physical health. I can answer questions about intelligence, compatibility with another person, honesty or deceptiveness. I can not answer or determine a writer's age, race, sexual identity,religious affiliation, guilt or innocence in a particular crime (except in cases of forgery), although I can determine the likelihood of writer's being capable of committing a crime.


I have been practicing in the field of graphology since 1976, having been privately tutored by Judith Ballard, the only known professional graphologist in the area at the time. I was certified by the American Association of Handwriting Analysts in 1978, after completing and passing their examinations. Most of my work has been on a volunteer basis, but I've been hired for various purposes on a case-by-case basis.

Record Chronical:Renton Washington, local area newspaper: Burien, Washington, Channel 7 news (telecast interview), Seattle, Washington.

I taught a non-credit course in graphology at Highline Community College in Washington State, where I earned an A.A. degree in psychology.

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No current clients. In the past, clients included local employers, one prison matron(on a personal contract), three local restaurant/lounge locations (where I "entertained" customers to gather samples for research).These were; Jim Moore's Steak house, Diamond Jim's and Latitude 57. I wrote a column answering write-in queries from readers, though I can't recall the name of the publication. (It was a long time ago).

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