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I have two distinctive handwriting styles. One is large curly cursive very much like I was taught in grade school. But a little more flamboyant. No slanting either way. Much larger than average. Easy to read.The other style is straight lines,also no slant,more difficult to read and usually written much faster. Used when I sign credit card slips. Capital letters are hugh, and the last  "s" swings up very high. I have two drivers's license with showing the different styles. I recently signed a medical records release form. They said they my signature did not match the one they had on file. That was a first. I have always been very curious what a graphologist would say. I am a Dr.jeclek and mr.hyde recovering alcoholic. I am secrety very bisexual. I am very extroverted, concrete thinker. I do not like surprises. Days are planned out. I am into music - piano and voice. My sole source of originality comes from my arrangements of plants and flowers in landscape and pots. I anxiously await your reply. Thanks, so much. Paul Norris

Dear Paul,
Thank you for your inquiry. I don't know what I can tell you that you don't already know. It seems you know yourself better than most people can manage to do. I suggest you plan a big party during the holidays and invite people who like to gather around the piano and sing. Decorate lavishly. Present beautiful platters of food. They should all have a great time and I'm betting you will!

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I can answer questions regarding personality traits, talents and abilities, character, state of mind, mental and to some degree, physical health. I can answer questions about intelligence, compatibility with another person, honesty or deceptiveness. I can not answer or determine a writer's age, race, sexual identity,religious affiliation, guilt or innocence in a particular crime (except in cases of forgery), although I can determine the likelihood of writer's being capable of committing a crime.


I have been practicing in the field of graphology since 1976, having been privately tutored by Judith Ballard, the only known professional graphologist in the area at the time. I was certified by the American Association of Handwriting Analysts in 1978, after completing and passing their examinations. Most of my work has been on a volunteer basis, but I've been hired for various purposes on a case-by-case basis.

Record Chronical:Renton Washington, local area newspaper: Burien, Washington, Channel 7 news (telecast interview), Seattle, Washington.

I taught a non-credit course in graphology at Highline Community College in Washington State, where I earned an A.A. degree in psychology.

Past/Present Clients
No current clients. In the past, clients included local employers, one prison matron(on a personal contract), three local restaurant/lounge locations (where I "entertained" customers to gather samples for research).These were; Jim Moore's Steak house, Diamond Jim's and Latitude 57. I wrote a column answering write-in queries from readers, though I can't recall the name of the publication. (It was a long time ago).

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