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Is there any significance or can anything be determined from handwriting with a letter Y that is formed in an unusual way?

The formation I refer to is where the top of the Y is formed with a single curve, like a 'c' pointing upwards (or a curved v) and then the lower bar is added with a vertical downward stroke.

I imagine that this is highly unusual way to learn to write the letter so perhaps the writer has another first language.

Dear David,
Thank you for your inquiry.You would have to see how the letter fits in with the rest of the writing. It may be that the particular style has a lot of soft strokes, in which case it's just a typical formation. If the writer is artistic, it would be part of the person's artistic expression. If the writing is of poor form level, the writer may have difficulty forming certain letters. You'd want to check for other unusual formations. On it's own, the one letter really has no significance. Of course, if this person first learned to write using a different set of symbols, the alphabet we use may be a challenge.  

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