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My handwriting is constantly changing. I don't mean like one day to the next. I mean with in the same sentence and sometimes the same word. Sometimes I'll use capital letters and sometime lowercase. Every once in a while I accidentally use a letter from the Cyrillic alphabet. Is this normal?

Dear Steven,
Thank you for your inquiry. The seemingly random changes in your script may be a result of any number of factors, but they all have to do with your self-image and your emotional state at the time of writing.
Graphotherapy can help. It only takes some simple, logical exercises. Focus. Practice writing in a consistent pattern until it becomes an automatic habit. This will not only bring harmony to your writing, but through bio-feedback, will help to treat the cause of the inconsistency.

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I can answer questions regarding personality traits, talents and abilities, character, state of mind, mental and to some degree, physical health. I can answer questions about intelligence, compatibility with another person, honesty or deceptiveness. I can not answer or determine a writer's age, race, sexual identity,religious affiliation, guilt or innocence in a particular crime (except in cases of forgery), although I can determine the likelihood of writer's being capable of committing a crime.


I have been practicing in the field of graphology since 1976, having been privately tutored by Judith Ballard, the only known professional graphologist in the area at the time. I was certified by the American Association of Handwriting Analysts in 1978, after completing and passing their examinations. Most of my work has been on a volunteer basis, but I've been hired for various purposes on a case-by-case basis.

Record Chronical:Renton Washington, local area newspaper: Burien, Washington, Channel 7 news (telecast interview), Seattle, Washington.

I taught a non-credit course in graphology at Highline Community College in Washington State, where I earned an A.A. degree in psychology.

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No current clients. In the past, clients included local employers, one prison matron(on a personal contract), three local restaurant/lounge locations (where I "entertained" customers to gather samples for research).These were; Jim Moore's Steak house, Diamond Jim's and Latitude 57. I wrote a column answering write-in queries from readers, though I can't recall the name of the publication. (It was a long time ago).

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