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I have a Grateful Dead album, "The Grateful Dead", MOTHERS Records, ML 77. It is white cover and insert (no artwork).  Do you know anything about this because I can not find this anywhere else.  I got it at a storage auction.

Thank you

Hi Beverly. It sounds like a bootleg live recording of a show, perhaps one from 1977. Before digital downloads and CDs, sometimes recordings were sold or traded on vinyl and not cassette. Do you see any other information on the album cover or perhaps on the album itself like the show date or list of songs? With that information I could confirm show date and that it is a bootleg live recording. It definitely does not sound like an official release. I would not expect the album to have any real value as there are many of them and now there are digital recordings available which are easier to access and play. I have many such vinyl bootleg live recordings and they are nice to have when there is cool art work, but it sounds like yours has a plain white cover. Look forward to hearing back from you and you can e-mail me directly at


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Exensive knowledge and insight on this historic band; I saw 209 Dead concerts between 1977 and 1995 in 23 different states plus some foreign countries. Started collecting tapes in mid seventies, and saw Jerry Garcia Band about 50 times between 1977 and 1994 also. Ask away.


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