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QUESTION: I have a set of four records that are titled grateful dead live at the filmore west in san Francisco says its bootleg. I looked around online and can't find anything on it.. Any help would be awesome. Thanks and have a great day!

ANSWER: Can you provide more information, even just the songs on the four records? Are they CDs or Vinyl albums? There have been sets officially released from the Fillmore west from 1969 for example. If a bootleg then a little more effort but we can figure it out based upon the songs. There was a time many years ago before CDs, assuming these are albums, where bootleg recordings were traded/sold on both cassette and vinyl. With a bit more information I think I could figure it out. thanks.

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QUESTION: I did a bit more research, the show took place on July 2 1971 in San Francisco. I believe this is a recording of a concert that was broadcast over the radio. It's on vinyl records and sounds pretty good. Any idea what it might be worth?

That was the last Grateful Dead show at the Fillmore West and the bootleg was the result of one of the first FM live broadcasts as i recall, and thus why good quality. I really don't have a sense of the value of the vinyl but assuming it is in really good condition it might get to or approach 3 figures. Just a total guess on my part as i don't think it would have much value but perhaps google and checking Ebay, including completed auctions, you might find it and get a sense. Good luck and a good show.  

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