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Steve we have a vintage Grateful Dead poster performing Sunday June 30th 1972 the condition of the poster would be good to fair condition would you have a ballpark value on this item.

I was asked this question in 2006 and 2011 and here is my answer from 2011:

Thanks for your question and in the five years since it was last asked it has become easier to get information about it. The poster seems to have been made by a company that makes concert posters for display purposes but do not necessarily reflect actual concerts that took place. This is an example, as the Dead did not play on the shown date and of course the photo of the band is from about 1967. I saw the same poster with a different opening act from Jefferson Airplane listed. They show up in flea markets and novelty shops. I pasted a link to a site selling the poster for $7.00 and an ebay auction where one sold for $8.99. On the poster site you can see other reproduction posters and there is a common Woodstock concert one and one they made up of another real show, December 31, 1978, but it was not a poster made or sold in connection with the actual show. At the end of the day, if you like it and it looks cool you display it, if you are a purist then probably not. Steve

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