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Grateful Dead/Mountains of the moon LP


Dave wrote at 2012-11-26 18:51:14
I'm responsible for that one. TDIC stood for The Dave Is Crazy and I'm The Dave. I had bought a bootleg of some studio outakes thinking that the sound would be better than we already had, and the sound was so awful that we figured we'd bootleg the Axomoxoa studio sessions since the sound was so good that everyone should have it. We had to piece together a few tracks which had gaps and did a bit more cleaning up. I think the original tapes were Dolby A and no one had that unit so we EQ's it a bit to get rid of some of the tinsel sound.

Getting the records pressed was easy, but the cover was not. A kid I met somewhere nicknamed Wharf Rat drew the skull with red pathways and a few planets leading to a moon. But it cost far more to create color copies than it cost to get the records made, so the first 300 or so got the full color cover and then we had to do something else.

Second pressing was a different cover, I took a National Geographic foldout of men on the moon, pasted the heads of the Dead (ha, dead heads!) in place of the astronauts, and had a cover. Maybe fifty or a hundred records got that cover but it still cost a lot to copy. I just dug two of them out of the basement to check my memory. I took the cover to a local printer, some Indian (Sri Chimnoy follower I think) guy I figured would have no idea who the Dead were. Turns out he was a dead head and gave us a good price in exchange for a few copies of the record.

He did some nifty pseudo-color printing that was actually only a single pass but he fed in colors so there was a rainbow effect, and that as a hell of a lot cheaper than a color xerox.

Anyway, they cost around $2.50 to produce, we sold them for $4 or $5 around Stony Brook and at the 1973 Nassau Coliseum shows, plus some to local bootleg stores. We must have given away hundreds of them, and there are a few in my basement. I doubt we lost over $200 on the deal and lots of folks got some very interesting outakes. I didn't want to be bothered with it any more but Wharf Rat wanted to keep going so I told him where the master was and how to get stampers made and I know he sold some more later.

My brother just sent me the link to this posting so I figured that I'd add some more info. I'd attach a cover if that was allowed.  

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