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I am currently looking into getting a great dane and was wondering if you could help me decide if they mesh with my lifestyle.
I will have the time to train and exercise the dog sufficiently but during the week I will be gone at work from 8ish until 4ish. I am assuming if properly trained and fed the dog will be ok in these circumstances but I figured you would know far better than I. Worst case scenario I come home from work for lunch until they are older and able to deal with a longer duration. The reason I want a great dane is because it resembles my personality a lot, I attempt to be a gentle giant and I love exercising just as much as being a couch potato.
Thanks for any help.


If you are single and live alone the only thing you need to consider is that a 10 week old puppy will not be able to make it from 8-4 in the crate. They also cannot be left alone without being crated until they are older and can be trusted not to eat things, chew things or tear things apart. If you want a Great Dane puppy, you will need to commit to coming home for lunch daily until they are roughly 4-5 possibly 6 months old. It really varies on each individual dog but typically they get better with how long you can keep them crated as they get older. With that being said their personalities are not cookie cutter either, some a very active, and some are very laid back and lazy. A good breeder will be able to pick out the best fit for you based on your personality and lifestyle. A list of good breeders can be found using the Great Dane Club of America website or there maybe a local Great Dane club in your area. Stay away from puppies in Newspaper Ads or Classified Ads, or breeders who claim they have "rare colors". Great Danes come in a wide variety of colors, and NO color is rare. Your best bet to a dog that will live a long and healthy life without illnesses or genetic and hereditary disease is to research the breeder and ask them questions, and don't be scared to ask them for proof. A breeder telling you "oh yeah my dogs have been to a vet this year and they are health" is NOT a health tested dog. Ask for Hip certifications through OFA or PennHip. Ask for thyroid and heart clearances. This never guarantees that your dog won't have problems but definitely decreases the possibility of health problems in the future. If you want a list of breeders you can resond privately and I would be more then happy to send you a list.  

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