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We adopted a 3 1/2 year old male Great Dane from the neighbors who,we're going to give him to,a shelter because of a divorce. He is so  sweet, we just had to,take him in. We have never taken on such a large dog.
When we take him for a walk he stops frequently and tries to use his back leg to scratch either his front elbow  or maybe his belly but he can't reach it.  Sometimes he does it while walking and looses his balance.
We have been giving him Glucosamine sine he arrived .
We are not sure what is going on. Is this normal,behavior or should we ce concerned?


Unless he is showing signs of distress this doesn't really scream as if anything serious is going on. Danes are very large dogs, so their center of gravity is not as good as most dogs. They don't necessarily have problems with balance but if a dog shifts his weight onto only three legs, there is a chance they could be put off balance and fall over. Are there any signs of allergy related issues that are causing him to itch? What brand of food is he on? It could be seasonal allergies ect. If he starts to have trouble walking, getting up ect, then I would definitely tell you that a visit to the vet might be a good idea.  

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