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Great Danes/Does this lil guy have Great Dane in him?



Friends mom found this dog along the highway so we took him in. Just wondering if he looks like he has any dane in him. He's got some features and markings I thought from pictures I've seen from the net. Vet said lab and jack rustle mix but he doesn't look like any of those pictures at all. Just wondering your opinion. Vet said he was 2 to 4 months old.


I cannot answer this question without seeing the dog in person. From the photos I will have to say no, I do not think that he has Great Dane. He looks more American Bulldog Mix or Am. Staff Mix. I do not see Lab, or Jack Russell. He is very cute either way. Thank you for rescuing a pup in need! There are not enough homes for all the abandoned and homeless dogs in this world!

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