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I have a 9 week old Great Dane. For the last 3 days he has been vommitting at night/ early morning. I have read many forums and am still confused. He vomits just his dog food, no stomach fluid, not foamy, just the dog food, but then eats it! He is still very playful, his stool is normal hasn't changed almost always solid and a little moist. Takes lost of naps like any puppy would. I was thinking he could be dehydrated? Please help! I'm worried about my lil man and will take to vet if this continues.


If your puppy is unable to keep food down my first recommendation is get to the vet and have an X-ray done to rule out an obstruction. If a puppy is vomiting for multiple days and is unable to hold down food, I would be concerned enough to visit the vet.

Once an obstruction has been ruled out I would then move onto switching food. Make sure that the pup has not been getting into anything that is causing the vomiting. I don't necessarily think he is dehydrated and that is causing the vomiting, but more so that the vomiting is causing dehydration.

Sometimes puppies will vomit if they go too long in between meals, and the vomiting happens because they are eating a large amount on an empty stomach. Try spreading meals out, at 9 weeks he should be eating three meal a day. If he is already eating three meals a day, try 4 meals a day with a couple treats in between meals.

Hope that he is doing ok now, and sorry for the delay in response.  

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