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well am 19 years old from Ghana..I have been dating a girl 1month we had sex after a few weeks she move to China to school there...we have been on Skype all the time ....she told me she can wait for 6years before she come back to Ghana..I don't really know what to do if she is saying she really mean it out not.Please i don't know what to do..because i love her so much and i don't wanna loss her.please here me!

Dear Ishmael, Sorry to hear of your situation. I don't quite understand what she is saying about she is not coming back there for 6 years? If so, I would recommend that you find other friends in your area and not concentrate on this girl in China. You could keep her as a friend (long-distance) but have other friends in your area. Please let me know what happens. You can email me at

Diane W.

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