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How to Have a Great Date/Going on my first date in a while, need advice?


QUESTION: I'm taking a girl I met at the mall on our first date next weekend and I have no idea what to do. I'm 19 and have only had one serious girlfriend before her. My ex and I were friends for a long time so we were at the point where we we're comfortable doing anything. Being that this is our first date and we have only talked breifly and texted a bit, what should I do or not do? I'm really nervous about what to talk about. And even more about chivalry things ( opening the car door, bringing flowers, etc.) So what should I do? Any advice would really help me at this point. We're 19 and She's English if that matters. Also, What should we do? Being the first date I want to do something entertaining and have no idea what to do. Any help?

ANSWER: Hi John, Thanks for your question. I would suggest that you be a gentleman and do open doors and things like that. Bringing flowers could be a bit too much on the first date but I have to admit that my husband brought me one rose on our first date and it really melted my heart. I always suggest that you do not be romantic at the start but be friends first. Find something to do that is fun and relaxed and permits time to get to know each other. I feel that a movie is something where you can't really talk and so I suggest something more interactive. You might want to ask her what she likes to do. I also suggest interesting and different activities. Tell me what kind of area you live in such as big city, small town, rural, etc. That will give me some idea of what activities to suggest.

Diane W.

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QUESTION: Hello Diane!
   Thank you for responding to my question so quickly.  I live in Houston, what can you suggest?

Hi John, I see you are online right now. I used to live in Austin so have been to Houston a few times. I don't know what area you are in, since Houston is very large. We have been to a museum and IMAX there, I know that is quite nice but don't know if it is expensive. Maybe there was a planetarium as well. Do you have miniature golf or any kind of interactive activities? I have to get offline but I will check in the next couple of days to see if you have answered. I hope I have helped in some way so far. Oh, sometimes allexperts say that you can only ask a small amount of followup questions so just in case, my private email address is

Diane W.

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