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I have a partner whose penis is large.  I haven't had sex for over 5 years and the first time i did it was extremely painful and i left some vaginal fluid on the bed.  He says it was an G-spot orgasm.  I am confused, can i have an involuntary orgasm that is associated with pain? And if this was not an orgasm what type of fluid did i emit? And how come this only occurs when i am lying on my back?

Hi Sarah,

If you do not feel any pleasure then was NOT an orgasm. If the fluid was clear it is quite possible you had a female ejaculation; women release a liquid from the paraurethral ducts form the vagina before orgasm (but it does not indicate that you will HAVE an orgasm). It is quite possible you may have previously had a female ejaculation while not on your back, it could be more noticeable or apparent when on your back.

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