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QUESTION: how do adult performers keep a perfect erection even right from the beginning? do they use something? they just seem to have an erection that just stays hard are theses guys in just great health?

ANSWER: Porn is not real.  It is fiction.  It is acting.  It is loaded with special effects.  Masters & Johnson proved that no one can will an erection.  Don't judge yourself or real men by what happens in porn.  Or by what happens in non-porn movies.  You're seeing what the director wants you to see.

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QUESTION: Whats Masters and Johnson? how can i find info on that? But they are really having sex because they get tested dont they? so your saying anyone can do that kind of work?Whats your theory on this?

William Masters and Virginia Johnson were a pair of sex researchers, and they were married for a time.  They founded the Masters & Johnson Institute in St. Louis, which is now defunct.  They wrote a series of influential books, including Human Sexual Response .  If you would like to read a book of theirs written for the general public, try Masters and Johnson on Sex and Human Loving .  

I don't know how porn movie producers pick the people who appear in them.

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