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QUESTION: I'm 19 and I recently just started having sex my boyfriend has much more experience than me ofcourse. So, I just want some tips on how to do the cowgirl? we done it a few times but I want him to feel really good, I want to make sure I'm doing the ride moves. I just want to surprise him and please him. I would love to get in control and give him back all the good feelings he gives me.

ANSWER: The important thing is to get a good position so you can stay straight.  If you're not careful in doing cowgirl and veer out of control to the left or right, you can rupture his penis.  And that is no good at all.  

Since you're new to sex, I think just performing it is the best tip.  You will get better with practice and getting to know what your partner likes better.

To please him, it's important to be energetic and put yourself into it.  Men like it when they don't have to do all the work during sex.  A female who is good at cowgirl will always have admirers.

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QUESTION: Thank You! well I think I'm really energetic, can you give me some example of how I could help out during it sohe does not have to do all the work?
And also a couple of examples of the best movements I could do during the cowgirl, because I will definitely love to be admire for it.
I want to be a pro at it I know I would get there with practice, but some advice wouldn't hurt anyone and I will feel more experience to give him a good time as well.

If you can move up and down rhythmically, he will not need to thrust upward, which is difficult and uncomfortable and can work against a male keeping an erection.  If you can position your hips so that all you have to do is thrust, instead of moving up and down, you can make it easier and more fun for yourself.   Ask him to help you find the best position if you need to.  Experiment with where your knees go and how it feels.

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