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QUESTION: Batman is always good. ;) The reason why Simon took so long to find out that I am so sexual is because we took things very slow while we were wrapped up in our extremely busy lives me being a clothing designer, model, volunteer at the NYU and working hard at my full time job in NYC and like versa with Simon. I like to take things slow because I date other men and the reason why I like simon is because he isn't trying so hard to tie me down like the other desperate crazy men out there. He has a lot of qualities and besides I was seeing a crazy Wall Street Trader last summer and dealing with my ex boyfriend. I wanted to see things where it went and so far Simon is the one I am seeing at the moment. I will try to turn him on and try to seduce him in the correct way that is. ;)
My other question is that why is he not jealous or turned off that his friend is very attracted to me and says to him that I have a very nice body? Then Simon says we should go over to his nice apartment and cook him and his gf dinner? I am use to men seducing me and trying to take advantage of me which I like by the way. ;) Just worried that his friend will try to seduce me in the near future. I don't think Simon is gay because he wouldnt be friends with guys who have girlfriends and not into gays.

ANSWER: Welcome back!  You are certainly a go-getter.  I hope you were not trying to make Simon jealous by flirting with his friend.  Simon would certainly take it as a compliment if his friend told him how hot he thinks you are.  On the other hand, if the friend told you that and then you repeated it to Simon, then he would probably get very jealous.  But then again, you are continuing to date other men, so maybe Simon doesn't feel possessiveness toward you.  

Again, I think the answer to this lies in discussing sexual history with Simon and finding out when you can expect sexual contact, and what kind.

If the situation were reversed, I think a lot of men would not want to marry a woman they hadn't had sex with, just because of the danger of marrying a woman who is not interested in sex.  I'm not convinced you shouldn't have the same worries a man would.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am certainly a go gettiner Mr.Batman. I was not flirting with his friend but I did feel a sexual chemistry between his friend and I. If Simon was a strange man I don't think he would be friends with Simon is he was not into women, or sex. What kind of straight man be friends with a man who is not into sex and women? It would be a strange person to be friends with.

You are refreshingly young and naive!  Just what a lot of men like.  Given there are billions of people in the world and tens of billions of friendships, no theory can account for all of the world's friendships.  I have friends who are straitlaced, strange, and in between.  It is certainly within the realm of possibility that some of Simon's friends regard him as strange but continue to be friends with him in spite of this, or even because of it.  

If you felt sexual chemistry with the friend, hooray!  Maybe something could happen in that department someday.  In any event, I encourage you to continue your sexual dialogue with Simon and learn more about him and figure out a timetable for the two of you to get your mutual and separate needs satisfied.  

And be sure to watch some of those "Simon" videos from Saturday Night Live with Mike Myers.

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