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Hi I'm just writing to you because I cannot have proper oral sex and give a full on blowjob because I hate the taste of sticky cum squirting in my mouth and also I don't know how to my partners massive I am writing to you to ask for a demonstration sent to my email please so that I can learn how to suck a GIANT dick (about 15cm long).

Hello Jack,

Thank you for your question.

One thing you can do, which a friend of mine did and it worked very well, was practice deep throating with a dildo. Practice is the only method that will help you become better at oral sex.  There is no demonstration I can give you, except to practice it with a large dildo.

Also there are mouth and jaw exercises you can do that help relax the jaw which help you open wider and also last longer. There is a video that Madison Young does for KinkAcademy where she demonstrates oral exercises and how to get better at oral sex.  They are a series here-
Unfortunately, you need a membership to view the tutorials, but they are well worth it, and the site has a lot of information on other techniques, including having anal sex for the first time and how to negotiate threesomes.  So, I do highly recommend it if you can afford it.

Another thing to try to give your jaw a break, is to use your hands (similar to giving a hand job) while you are performing oral.  This gives your jaw a temporary break so you can last longer. Use your hand as an extension of your mouth. Slide it up and down, closing it when you reach the head, and opening it slightly as you slide back down. Make a twisting motion with one hand as you slide it up and down the shaft.

Also, try to keep your jaw slack, rather than sucking a lot or applying pressure, and varying deep throating, with licking his penis and balls, to give your jaw a break that way.

If you don't like the taste of semen, you could use a condom.  That would be the only way to avoid that, unless they pulled out before ejaculation and squirted somewhere else.

Thank you,

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