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Hello, Doug Adams,

I was wondering the best practices for safe sex are, both for
male and females, when performing vaginal, oral, anal sex ( to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs).

Could you please recommend the best brands and where to purchase them.

Thank you,



PS: I've been doing my research online, but the information available in the net is so overwhelming and sometimes conflicting, which is the reason why I'd like to know a more straightforward answer from an expert. Again, thanks.

I don't recommend any particular brands, but latex condoms and dental dams will protect against STDs.  The vast majority of condoms sold are latex, but always check the package closely to make sure.  Non-latex condoms (used by familiar sex partners to protect against pregnancy only) are generally boldly marked as such.

Condoms are widely available, but dental dams are often only available at sex-toy stores.  They are also available online.

Some sex educators don't use the term "safe sex" but instead speak of "safer sex."  

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