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QUESTION: Hello, Doug Adams

I'd like to clarify a few aspects of female sexuality.

I've heard that women are not always fertile, that there
is a period where they cannot get pregnant.

Is that true?

Would it be risk free to engage in sexual activity during this 'infertility' period, so women cannot get pregnant?

If yes, would it be ok to have sex without protection during this period?



Jose S.

ANSWER: Yes, there is a time of the month when women cannot get pregnant.  It is the time adjacent to their menstrual cycle.  Most women are comfortable engaging in sex without contraception at that time.  However, just because a woman cannot get pregnant, she can still give and receive sexually transmitted diseases.  So unless you know that both you and your partner are disease free and monogamous, it is not safe to have sex without protection.

Feel free to ask me more questions!

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Thanks for the timely response.

I do have another question if you don't mind.

What exactly do you mean by 'adjacent to their menstrual cycle'?

To my understanding is the few days ( maybe 2 or 3 ) after they 'bleed', am I right?

Thanks again for clarifying.

ANSWER: Yes, that is correct.  While the menstrual flow is happening and for a day or so afterward.

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Again thanks for the quick response.
It is almost like we are having a chat.

I do have another concern. I also think about my partner
since she's never had sex.

So, would women feel comfortable having sex during this period? would they enjoy it?

I've heard a lot about women getting more emotional/irritated during a
certain time during the month, but I want to make sure that she doesn't get too uncomfortable when we decide to do it 2 - 3 days before/after her menstrual flow.

I guess I want to make sure that she enjoys it too, since it's going to be her first time.


PS: I wouldn't mind additional tips so my gf can have a great first time.

If she's never had sex before, she would probably not be comfortable having sex while menstruating.  But as she gets more comfortable with her partner and her own body, she would be more likely to go for it.  

I would suggest obtaining proper protection and then trying to have sex when she's most comfortable with it.

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