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What prevents men from having usually only one orgasm during intercourse or masturbation?  Why can't he have multiple orgasms one after the other?  What prevents multiple orgasms for occurring?

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ANSWER: Men can have multiple orgasms, but they have to be able to separate their orgasm from ejaculation.  When a male ejaculates, he is done.  Once a male can orgasm but not ejaculate, he can have multiple orgasms and keep going and going and going.   I suggest reading the book Any Man Can by William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian to learn how to teach yourself to be multi-orgasmic.

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Okay, what prevents a man from having multiple ejaculations?  You indicated that "When a male ejaculates, he is done."  Why does this situation occur?

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When a male ejaculates, his penis rapidly goes limp and his sex organs go back to their normal states.  If a male can train himself to orgasm but not ejaculate, he can keep going until he finally does ejaculate.  That is how some men can train themselves to be multi-orgasmic.

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