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Hello, my wife and I are young and pretty inexperianced. We've been attempting some new position. Im dying to try from behind but it doesnt seem to work. I either cant find the opening or I slide out or hit the uhm, back. any advice?  Also the othet night she asked me to spank her. I really liked it but it is normal and okay?

Hello Charles,

Thank you for your questions.

If you use your hands to position your penis correctly in her vagina/or anal opening (which ever you are trying to locate) you shouldn't have any problem finding it. Trying to lead it blindly into unknown territory could be your problem. Feel for her vagina opening/anal opening first, then lead the head of your penis into place.  Also, make sure you are both kneeling (doggie style) and she can arch her back to make her vagina/anus more accessible.

If it is anal sex you are talking about, here is a good beginner's article on it:

Yes, some people love to get spanked during sex, and others love to spank.  If this is something you both enjoy, that's great.  It can add a lot of excitement to your love making. Just be sure to not over do it, and she should have a word that she uses if it gets too intense like "RED" for stop.  It is perfectly normal to enjoy spanking, lots of couples do it and enjoy it.

Hope that helps!

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