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I don't suppose you know of a list of the positions women tend to favor the most? I've yet to see this on Family Feud. lol. I've been having sex with someone lately and missionary and her on top are really all we do. We tried reverse cowgirl and she found it rather uncomfortable while in my mind it doesn't seem kinky in the least. Do most women pretty much stick with missionary? Has there been a study so I can see the numbers of favortism towards each position?

Hello James,

Thank you for your question.

Missionary position is probably the most popular position, just because everyone knows how to do it, not because it feels the best.  I doubt any studies (medical) have been done on positions, but magazines like Cosmo and such do reader surveys.

There are positions that help to get a woman off more, and are better for G-spot orgasms.

Doggie style is one of those and is very easy to do. It usually feels pretty good for both partners.

Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl are supposed to be good for G-spot, but some women, like your lover don't enjoy it, as it is a control position and some women don't feel comfortable being in control during sex and prefer that the man is in control.

Then there are different types of missionary, where the woman has her legs up over your arms.  This allows for deeper penetration and also stimulates the G-spot:

There is also a sideways position with her on her back and you on your side that is very comfortable for both of you.

Then there is the Pretzel which sounds more complicated than it is. This is quite comfortable and allows for good thrusting as well-

The best thing to do is when a position gets boring, just change it up.  Try to keep the positions fairly natural for you and what is easiest for you to perform.  Usually you can move your partner around to different positions to change it up a lot.

And, remember, its not a marathon, so don't try crazy super-athletic positions.  You only see those in porn movies, and for most people they are too difficult and don't feel that great.  Also, try pillows positions under her hips to lift her up, which makes the position more comfortable for both of you.

Hope that helps.


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