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How to Have Great Sex/Masterbating for females


Hiw do you make yourself cum i am fifteen?!!

Hello Alisha,

Thank you for your question.

Most women get off from clitoral stimulation, so stimulating around the clitoris is usually necessary. Here is a good diagram of the clitoris so you can see what it looks like and how it works-

It is the head or glans that you stimulate during masturbation.  This is best done with a vibrating toy, although fingers can be used, or an electric toothbrush (not the bristle side- ouch!, but the smooth side of the tip), or even using the spray from a shower hose.

It takes practice and experimenting to find out what feels good and what will get you off. For some women it is easy, for others it takes time to learn about your body and let yourself go free enough to orgasm. Also, fantasizing about something that turns you on helps to orgasm while you are stimulating yourself.  This is probably the biggest thing for most women, not focusing on what you are doing, but on a fantasy in your mind. Also, rubbing other parts of your body that feel good, like the labia lips, vagina opening, maybe even penetration if that feels good with your fingers or a toy, stimulating your nipples, whatever turns you on.

So, explore different things, go with what feels good, and practice and get to know your own body... and eventually you will orgasm.

Now, if you are talking about female ejaculation and G-spot orgasm, that is a whole other thing, and I can tell you about that as well.

Hope that answers your question.


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