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I'm 20 and I have some questions. Me and my gf try to have sex but its hard cuz she likes it really hard but i tried to go all the way hard as I can on her but I don't feel I'm satisfieding her. So is it possible that she can't feel much sensativity in her clit since she masturbates a lot ? I made her stop cuz I think her sensativity would come back ? She said there was one time she got satisfied down there but that happend 5 years ago its not like I don't know wat I'm doing she says she doesn't feel the same that each time is harder for her to feel

I think you are doing well for being sexually inexperienced, relatively.  It is common for females your age to not reach orgasm in intercourse.  You should not assume it's because she masturbates often, or at all.  That is something you could ask her about when you suggest stimulating her clitorally by hand or mouth.  Most females who can't reach orgasm in intercourse like that kind of stimulation.  

It would also be a good idea to try sex positions where you could stimulate her by hand during intercourse or where she could stimulate herself.

Overall, getting to know your partner would make it easier for you to learn how to please her.

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