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   Why females want to be pinched,rubbed,bitten and squeezed HARD during sex? What if they got hurt by this and feel pain by MAN power or force of Man's action as their body is soft?

ANSWER: I don't agree that females as a group want to experience those things.  Some females do and some don't.  Probably most don't.  Part of it might be that the pleasure center and the pain center in the brain are right next to each other.  But if you want to do something to a female that she might consider painful, always get her permission first.

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QUESTION: In what way a guy should approach female breasts during sex?  Should he be rough or gentle? Which factor makes them satisfy while pressing breasts?

Always be gentle unless a woman tells you to do something different.  Females feel about their breasts the way males feel about their testicles.  They are always worried about them being bruised or injured or roughly handled.  Nipples can be very sensitive and can stay irritated for hours if they get irritated.  (Most males know this too.)  You would do better to gently kiss or suck nipples instead of handling the breasts roughly.

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