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   Why females want to be pinched,rubbed,bitten and squeezed HARD during sex? What if they got hurt by this and feel pain by MAN power or force of Man's action as their body is soft?

I have just written an 85,000 word book that explains this, so it is hard to give a good answer that is short.

1)  Rather than call it "pain" call it "intense sensations".
2) Some people (women) need intense sensations to have a good orgasm.
3) You would need to be taught how to do this safely.  Look up "BDSM" on the Internet
4) In the U.S., activities like this are governed by a rule: The sex play must be SAFE, SANE, and CONSENSUAL.  SAFE means that you have to know how to do these things without harming the person (hurt = intense sensations: harm = damaged = doctor).  SANE = not using drugs or alcohol.  CONSENSUAL = you have spoken about it and the lady agrees that she wants you to do these things.

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Great sex results from the overall approach you take with women. Great sex starts way before the bedroom. Most men are primarily interested in their own pleasure -- I specialize in ways of turning a so-so sexual experience into an extraordinary one not only with techniques but also by modifying/altering the man's approach to playing sexually with a woman.


Author of: Squirms, Screams and Squirts: Going from Great Sex to Extraordinary Sex I do a two-hour demo/workshop called "How to Pleasure a Woman." It covers mental approach, oral sex, fingering techniques, vibrators and erotic shaving.

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My other books deal with aspects of BDSM -- alternative sexuality.

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