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How to Have Great Sex/making her squirt and BJ for him


1st question
You said that on start you need to play with her, lick her clitoris and turn her on(so she is really wet) before you start putting 2 fingers inside ~2 inches and push(slide) over the G-spot on start, and later to keep my 2 fingers on G-spot while pressing and pulling and playing with it. That she will start squirting and soon start moving a lot before she comes? I hope i got that part, but is there a chance that she will actually pee or is that just that she thinks that? And do i lick her clitoris while I am doing 2 fingers inside or not, because it sounds a lot harder when she starts moving a lot?

2nd question

She doesn't have internet so she asked me to ask you this question. How to do it correctly? She wants(and me too) to know how to do a BJ correctly and to put most of my penis inside her mouth(she cannot do that, probably not doing it right or something because my penis is normal size). She wants to know some moves that turn man(me) more on so she can actually make me cum while sucking and playing with me.

It seems to me that to have more fun in sex it's not to know more poses, it's the foreplay? That I didn't know

Thank you so much for your time to answer my question

Hi Vladimir,

You have the concept down.  You may not be able to feel the G spot but she should when you touch it.  A gentle rubbing or tickling of it with gentle licking of the clitoris should get her a strong orgasm.  With really strong orgasms women can sometimes urinate.  If that is a concern she should urinate before you start the foreplay.  Foreplay is really a key to her satisfaction. It takes most women longer to reach orgasms than men.  Besides foreplay is fun all by itself for both of you.  Communication is a key.  Telling each other what feels good and what doesn't help you both learn what to do and how.  Once she reaches orgasm once she may well do it again and again in the same session.

Even though it's called a blow job no blowing goes on.  The whole shaft does not need to be taken into the mouth.  The head and a couple more inches is plenty.  As with her you will get plenty of pleasure while she kisses, fondles, licks your penis. An effective technique is to take the head and a couple more inches in to the mouth, with the lips, not the teeth, form a seal around the shaft and suck as she pulls up the shaft.  Sort of like sucking a really thick milk shake through a straw.  Suck, release, go down and do it again.  For both of you finding a steady rhythm and keeping it up for several minutes will produce the orgasms you want.

On my web site  there is an article on her orgasm that you may find informative.   There is also an Intimate Couple Store, where you can find Books and DVDs showing techniques for giving great oral sex and much more.  Check it out.

Have fun,

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