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I am not a big fan of receiving oral sex!! Its never done rite n doesn't feel all that good! It either feels like I'm being chewed like food or it feels like nothing at all n normally I make him stop, on many occasions I'm asked why when I taste so good. I just get nothing out of it..what's wrong with me..and I've never hadan orgasm I get very very wet giving head n the first few penatrations are OK but after that I really could b doin sumthg else..what's wrong.

I don't think there's anything wrong.  You tried cunnilingus and you don't like it.  There is nothing wrong with telling your partner that.  I would instead work on why you don't like intercourse after the first few penetrations.  Perhaps your anxiety over cunnilingus is part of it.  Maybe if you knew you wouldn't be doing that, you will be less anxious when it comes to intercourse and enjoy it more.  Try that for a few weeks and see if you're getting closer.  If not, perhaps a therapist or online support group would help.

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