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How to Have Great Sex/how to have sex with a virgin


QUESTION: i have never had sex with a virgin before i am 17 she is 18 and she wants a kid but i am pretty large how do i make it not hurt her hymn is still there i have only seen her naked once

ANSWER: It's not that much different from sex with anyone else.  Take it slowly and be prepared to stop if she says it hurts.  It would help a lot if she could relax beforehand if you had lube ready, in addition to a condom, which is an essential thing if you don't want a kid at 17.  Be sure to always use birth control and STD protection.

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QUESTION: how do i make it plesurable for her as far as oral and fingering

ANSWER: Taking it slow and focusing on what she likes is good.  Using a dental dam during oral sex will also protect you against STDs and make you less worried about what you're getting in your mouth.  Slow and gentle while fingering is good.  Start with one finger and only add others if she suggests it or you ask first.

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QUESTION: i want to make her orgasm while finguring her can you give me some tips on that

Orgasm doesn't come as easily for a woman as for a male.  You ought not expect it will be like pressing a button.  Just make it a happy and fun experience for her.  Ask her to show you how she likes to be touched.  If she knows how to give herself an orgasm, it will help you if she shows you.  Some women don't have orgasms from intercourse for years.

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