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Hi :) I am a 29 year old virgin, and I believe that I am only 3 inches down there, I know my hymen broke(From horseback riding, I saw blood in my underwear years ago, but it wasn't a period). I am saving my virginity for someone special. I hope that will flatter the man I will end up with, but, despite my size will it hurt the first time? Papsmears are not fun for me, but I think the last one was because I was "dry" down there.

If you have done horseback vigorously enough to break your hymen, then I am inclined to believe that your vaginal muscles have been involved in a lot of stretching, and your first time won't hurt very much, or maybe at all.  Masturbating with objects or with several fingers will give a better indication of how relaxed your vagina is.

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