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Hi, me and my girlfriend are very much in love and we've been having sex for a while now. However, we only ever seem to do the missionary position. I want to try some other moves out but how do I bring this about. I don't want to ask cos it may be awkward, what would you suggest?
Secondly, she absolutely loves it when I lick her out (i enjoy doing it too) and I always seem to lick her out. But she never wants to give me a BJ. Even tho I've trimmed my pubes and I keep my dick clean, washing it before sex, she still won't suck me off. How can I get her to give me head?
Thirdly, some of my mates said that they watched porn with their girlfriends. What are your thoughts about watching porn with a lover and does it help to improve sex?

If you want to try different positions, ask her.  She would probably be willing to do some experimentation.  Most experienced heterosexuals have experienced intercourse in five positions: missionary, woman on top, rear entry, sitting, and standing.

I would also suggest you ask her why she won't perform fellatio on you.  Maybe it would help if you bought some flavored condoms.

You don't say if you're interested in watching porn with her.  It is up to you and your girlfriend whatever you watch together.  Once again, ask her.  

Feel free to ask me more questions!

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