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How to Have Great Sex/How do I satisfy a woman elder to me Physically n Emotionally


QUESTION: Its a great news for me!
Going to have sex for the first time with a woman whom
I had been ogling since the past 3 years.
Didn't have plans for this though, I was fine just seeing her whenever our paths crossed!! (lol little did she know that it was all planned.)

It was today , the third time in a day that we came head to head on a street!!
When I saw her into her eyes she didn't look away instead she kept on starring!!
The next second while she was passing by my side, she whispered that she wanted to see me!

My heart has been pounding since then, Its still the same while I am asking this to you'll!!

Wanted to ask anyone exp in such intimate encounters,
How can I make her satisfied to the peak, Physically as well as emotionally!
Well to describe her she might weigh a good 70-75 kilos,
fair, healthy a bit fat..
n taking about me I am athletic by my body structure!
I weigh about 67 kilos,
She might or might not be a widow, lol didn't see her with any man other than her children!!

And above all if am lucky enough! I might also have a chance to along with the other lady as well who accompanies her while she goes to receive her children at the school!!

Plz guide me!!

ANSWER: Hello,

A couple of things for you to remember.  She is not likely to be looking for love,  just sex.  And she is more experienced than you.   Let her guide you.  Don't talk about a life together or love, just tell her how much you want her right here, right now.

A woman's breasts are very sensitive, especially the nipples.  Fondle, kiss, suck them.  Also sensitive areas are ear lobes, neck, small of the back, inner thighs, and of course the vaginal area. Pay attention to them with your finger tips, lips and tongue.  She will tell you what feels good to her.

When it comes to penetration, a firm steady push it get in then a steady rhythm.  Let her tell you what she wants and what position she likes.

On my web site there is a posting about the female orgasm that might give you some insight.  Also an Intimate Couple Store where you can find several books and DVDs on how to please a woman (positions and techniques),

Good luck,

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QUESTION: well Tom I met her day before yesterday n even before I read your answer.
We met in the park instead of her house a great turn down for me :(

Well she was all alone that day waiting for me to come.
We talked for about a half hour..
N she started it all by almost crying, I was a little surprised by this!!
But all she told me was this.
"I know what your looking for, n I had almost given up on you when I didn't see you in the past week!!"
I have some honor in society, but people dont treat you as you expect them to!!
(A tear fell down) I have many things to share with you but have got limitations!!

I have my children to look after ... they are to small..
( almost wanted to lend my shoulder to her)
but then this inner voice questioned me is this what you want)
Then she started by talking about me n described all those things tha she thought about me!!
I was a bit flattered by this!!
but then she told me that she had been married in a hurry !!
She didn't have a family of her own n all that emotional things that ended her getting married to a careless person who does not deserve her!!
(caught my hand N held it tight on the bench)
Lol the drama ended by she asking me to meet the next Sunday at the same place.

Is this cougar even going to get on my Cock. Or is she a big drama queen I just dont get this....
The only thing she confirmed me of in the last meeting is a friendship though!!
What do you think should I carry on with this till I get the trophy or well dump this bitch?

Hi again,

She seems pretty needy.  And I don't mean sexually.  That is the kind of woman I advise men to stay away from.  She probably won't take rejection well, especially after you have sex.  If you treat her even half way right she will fall in "love" with you.  If you meet her again make sure she understands that  you are NOT interested in a love relationship and that all you are interested in is sex.  And not even all that regularly.  Tell her that when YOU want it you will give it to her.  Don't ever beg her for it.  Treat her right sexually and in public but on your terms.   Be the strong assertive male with a tender side.  She just might end up your sex toy.  A word of caution,  she might also become a stocker and a royal pain in the ass.

Good luck,

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