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How to Have Great Sex/Cannot ejaculate during sex


I had sex with my girlfriend 6 times and never get more than half way to ejaculating. She is my first girlfriend and the only girl I had sex with. She gets there twice within the hour we are doing it before she gets tired. I love her, but the sex is not great but I would not tell her that. I love her very much and we want to have kids one day, but cannot if I cannot ejaculate during. She feels bad and feels like I do not find her attractive enough. I want her to feel better. We have tried different positions. What can I do?

You are pretty new to sex, so the problem might be one of nerves, intoxicants, or distractions.  If you can eliminate those things, it can lead to more and better sex.

Another cause of anorgasmia in younger males is an atypical masturbatory style, particularly masturbating in the prone (face down) position.  Masturbating prone causes sex dysfunctions in most males who practice it.  To overcome this, one must resolve to give up prone and switch to regular masturbation by hand.  To learn more, see

How to Have Great Sex

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