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I've watched at least a couple of scenes in some soft porn movies, just for laughs, which made me wonder whether or not if women also ejaculate semen when they orgasm. For example, in the movie "Bikini Time Machine"(2011), there's a scene where Kylee Nash is bent over and Joslyn James is right behind masturbating Kylee with her right hand and Kylee says "You're gonna make me cum" and then Kylee has a massive orgasm. And in another soft porn movie "Intergalactic Swingers"(2013)during another lesbian sex scene Krissy Lynn is masturbating Sophia Bella and Sophia Bella says "I'm cumming, I'm cumming". But like I said when I see these soft porn movies on some of the HBO channels late at night it's just strictly for laughs for me, but these two lesbian sex scenes made me have an interesting question and that is; Do women also ejaculate semen during orgasms just like men do?

Don't base your opinions on porn.  Porn isn't real.  It's movie.  It's special effects.  

Some women claim they ejaculate, but most scientists doubt that female ejaculation is a real thing.  Many women indeed release a fluid at the point of orgasm, and like any bodily fluid, sometimes it can squirt out instead of merely flowing out.  However, scientists disagree about how this release of fluid is related to sexual arousal.

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